"I've used Edge Factor quite a bit this year. It's easy to navigate. The videos I use the most are the soft skill videos because they actually introduce real-life scenarios, real-life obstacles when it comes to taking on a career. They don't sugarcoat it in the videos."
Jerry Baus
Educator / Calcasieu Parish
"We're using Edge Factor in our counselors' offices...The value of Edge Factor for students in Calcasieu Parish, and the CTE department is extremely valuable. We have to have it!"
Tony McCardle
CTE Director / Calcasieu Parish
"You have been beyond a phenomenal guide and support for me and Rapides Parish Schools!"
LaRunda Pierce
CTE Director / Rapides Parish Schools
"We want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of business and industry, that we are in fact preparing our kids for success in the workplace in this community and beyond."
Nason Authement
Superintendent / Rapides Parish
"At the end of the day, every student is a career student. This is something that can work for every student."
LaRunda Hobbs-Pierce
CTE Director / Rapides Parish Schools
"We're talking to the students about real life opportunities that await them in just a few years. As the employer, we owe that to our upcoming generation..."
Kelli Haygood
"We are very excited that you have a tool that will actually tell the story of the exciting opportunities that are available for our students right here in Central Louisiana, in Rapides Parish."
Marjorie Taylor
Orchard Foundation
"Bosch is proud to sponsor the Edge Factor program, which challenges our students and prepares them for the future. On behalf of Bosch, we are delighted to be part of this exciting opportunity."
David Lee
Director of Lincolnton Converting / Customizing & Packaging Center, Bosch
"Edge Factors criteria and structure can drive change in our school system and in our community to retain more young, intelligent and dedicated people in our county and within the state."
Pete Oakes
Division Manager / Hydac
"The 8th grade presentations and the student-parent presentation provided by Edge Factor made more students aware of our local industries and future career possibilities!"
Dr. Cale Sain
CTE Director & Principal / School of Technology, Lincoln County Schools
"Our community needs to do whatever is needed to keep our talent and attract other talent to Lincoln County."
Pete Oakes
Division Manager / Hydac
"Jeremy Bout of Edge Factor emphasizes to his audience that things are still made in the USA with innovation and technology."
Kara Brown
Business Development Manager / LEDA
Jeremy spoke at our Operational Excellence Conference and focused his message around ‘Redefining the Success of Manufacturing’. Jeremy was one of the most prepared and engaged speakers I have ever worked with. His keynote address was engaging, interactive and connected directly with our audience. It was a great way to kick off our conference.
Cristina Farris
Industry Marketing Manager / Kronos for Manufacturing
It was AMAZING!!! We had over 275 students from different area high schools. We were presented with official documents from Senator Robert Portman and Governor John Kasich’s office. We also had FOX 8 News come to our event. This was something I’ve been wanting for the last four years to happen.
Karen Mathis
Sales Assistant / Formtek, Inc.
450+ students, parents and manufacturing industry professionals attended our MFG day event. Finding engaging content was a challenge. Edge Factor's videos and audience engagement tools provided us with a high quality tool set that made our event “Rock”.
Joe Klocko
Dean, Economic Development Division / College of the Canyons
We are the Manufacturers Resource Center... One of the national centers in the NIST-MEP network. We are holding a big event in early October and these videos and resources are perfect for us. Everything is first class! Brilliant.
Patricia A. Felise
Marketing Coordinator / Manufacturers Resource Center
We hosted our event at Danville Area Community College. I started the Behind Closed Doors [Edge Factor] video and the whole place went dead silent. Our 300+ students who were touched, captivated and motivated by the film. It completely enhanced our event!
Nick Chatterton
VVEDS System Director / Danville Area Community College
One of my students said to me, "Mr. Spear, I will never look at machines and products the same way again. It's like you opened my eyes." To that I said, "And that is exactly why we went!"
Troy Spear
Wood Products Technology Instructor / Theodore Roosevelt High School